Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shipping News: How We Finally Met The Mother!

Hi there shippers, how are the season finals treating you? I know it’s hard, and summer hiatus is even worse… but we can get through this together (with some help from fan fiction). This week we finally meet “The Mother” (yes she does get capitalization, she’s that important), catch up with the Supernatural drama and a new femslash couple is taking off.

For eight seasons we’ve been waiting for a glimpse of the woman that would one day bare Ted’s children and while they promised she would be revealed in this years season final I was skeptical (we’ve been burned before). Eight seasons is a long time to wait and I was starting to wonder if the mother existed at all. Maybe it was all just a big joke and Ted never met the one. Then he went insane from loneliness and disappointment so he’s actually just sitting in a psychiatric ward talking to no one. Or maybe it’s the fans that are crazy from waiting so long for something that we don’t even know we want.

Cristin Milioti is "The Mother"

That’s the problem here. Everyone knows that Ted ends up with this woman and yes part of shipping comes from hype and expectation but until we see these two interact on screen we won’t know if the chemistry is there enough for it to be believable. Of course most people are going to ship them anyone out of sheer determination but I am curious to see how much people actually care once we’ve witnessed them officially meet.

Shipping tid-bits:
  • My girl Hannah wrote a Slash Summer Movie Guide – so if you want to know which guys are going to be getting it on in fan fiction this summer you should probably check it out.
  • Speaking of Summer Movies anyone that has seen Star Trek Into Darkness is free to come cry in the comments about how in love Kirk and Spock are.
  • According to her Twitter Anna Kendrick ships Danearys/Missandei. It’s like femslashception!

  • Misha Collin’s talked about queerbaiting at NYCon (vid here) and someone wrote an interesting analysis of it here.
  • I’m too emotional to talk about it but Alaric returned to The Vampire Diaries last week, and it was all about Dalaric!
  • So we know Dylan O’Brien is going to be in The Maze Runner movie right… well if you want to know what the book’s author James Dashner has to say about shipping check out this Tumblr post.
  • I could probably spend hours talking about this but I’m a little late to the celebration so I’ll just let you know that fan fiction archive AO3 made TIME’s Best Websites of 2013! That’s pretty fricken cool (read about it here). Here’s a little sample of what they said about the popular site:

“Fan fiction is one of the great unsung popular literary movements of the past 50 years, but finding what you’re looking for online can involve sorting through mountains of inadequately-tagged and frequently dodgy text. Archive of Our Own makes it easy: it’s the most carefully curated, sanely organized, easily browsable and searchable nonprofit collection of fan fiction on the web, and it serves all fandoms equally, from The A-Team to Zachary Quinto and beyond.” (x)

Last week I wrote a quick response to the Destiel/Jensen/NJ Con debate. I’m not going to dig into old wounds but for those of you that requested new information, Aja wrote a fantastic recap of what happened over at The Daily Dot. There is also my fellow slash expert Catherine’s response at The Backlot and there was an interesting article inspired by the drama at Hypable.

The lovely ladies over at Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast posted a 2hr episode this week dedicated to all things shipping in the Teen Wolf fandom and no it’s not just Sterek (although they do talk about Sterek). I would highly recommend listening if you’ve got some time, it’s pretty hilarious – I did think got a bit slow in the middle when they started talking about general slash but that’s just because slash is my research area, if you’re not massively familiar with slash fandom you might find it interesting (but don’t take it as gospel). Despite that it certainly made a boring day in front of the computer much more interesting and I can vouch for all the fan fic they recommend. Go listen and then rant about how they misinterpreted your ship.


A little while ago I was asked about femslash, well those of you interested in a little ladylove will be excited by the rise of a new ship (well it’s not really that new but it’s certainly growing). I am talking about Sansa/Margaery from Game of Thrones. There’s already over 40 works on Ao3 so that should be enough to keep you busy before it all turns to shit, which it will… this is Game of Thrones after all. It’s best not to ship anything on GOT because chances are one or both of them will be dead soon.

SIDE NOTE: I’m not sure what HBO’s policy is but George R.R. Martin is rather famously against fan fiction. It’s more complicated now because of the TV series but those of you that want to respect author’s wishes (even if they’re wrong) might want to steer clear of GOT fic.

Finally my “Quote Of The Week” comes from none other than the man himself, Joss Whedon (who finally joined Twitter). This is about his brand new TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D:

“[They are] people I’ve fallen in love with who are soon going to have extraordinarily inappropriate fan fiction written about them.” (x)

That is why Joss Whedon is my fav person ever. That and I kind of imprinted on him when I was young and impressionable because Buffy.

And that’s all I have time for today. Harass me about shipper feels in the comments or on the Facebook page.