Thursday, May 9, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: That's a Wrap!

Filming for Part One of Season 3 is now complete, now all we can do is wait… is it June 3rd yet? This week we met Shadow the real star of the teaser (sorry Posey), the cast and crew were spotted watching the Season 3 Trailer (assholes) and Posey’s Vine is still the best thing to happen to the Internet. Also one-word teasers for the first 8 eps, an open letter to Holland Roden and Tumblr appreciates Magnificent Martin.

It’s finally happened. The first part of Season 3 has completely primary shoots so we won’t be getting any real time production photos and spoilers anymore… but it does mean that we are almost at go time (my-body-is-not-ready.gif). According to the Teen Wolf Tumblr the final day shooting was a cake worthy occasion… I guess it’s a cheat day.

Not sure if he's angry at the cake or really excited?
Now that shooting is done it should only be a matter of time before we get an official trailer but to wet our appetite just that little bit more Teen Wolf release another teaser. I swear to goodness they are just getting more cryptic… and I love it. I’ve give up trying to decipher these things, I am just going to take the slow path and wait till someone else writes a detailed meta analysis of the clip (this fandom is too good, it has made me lazy). 

Bits and Pieces:

Okay fandom, please welcome the wonderfully sexy Felisha Terrell (who plays Kali) to Twitter. Go follow, tweet but be nice!

When asked to describe how excited they are for June 3rd the Teen Wolf Tumblr said: This already Hurts. Also apparently someone is the poison:

We got a vid about Posey’s promo co-star, a wolf by the name of Shadow (I want one – and a Posey to go with it). Watch the vid here.

I finally finished my recaps of Season 1 and to celebrate I wrote a list of the Top 10 Moments from Teen Wolf’s premiere season.

Unfortunately EOnline revealed officially that Dylan O’Brien will not be joining the league of shirtless men on Teen Wolf (I’d already guess as much from the fact that he hadn’t waxed his chest hair). Here have some shirtless Posey to make up for it:


But don’t worry Dylan’s getting stuck into training for The Maze Runner, so we should have plenty of awesome BTS pics to keep us going. Here’s a pick of him getting sweaty:

Speaking of The Maze Runner I finally read the book and I wrote a review here. Basically, it was entertaining enough for what it was but I didn’t love it. I do think it will translate well to film though. If you want to know more about what the movie will look like check out this EW exclusive.

Hypable has published a list of Thirty Reasons Why We Can’t Wait Another Day for Season 3. I’m keeping pretty good tabs on all the reasons I can’t wait until June 3rd but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one dying of anticipation.

EOnline asked Jeff Davis to describe the first 8 episodes of the season with just one word: 

Episode 1—"Tattoo": "Ephemeral"
Episode 2—"Chaos Rising": "Hecatolite"
Episode 3—"Fireflies": "Threes
Episode 4—"Unleashed": "Oak"
Episode 5—"Frayed":  "Suture"
Episode 6—"Motel California": "Whistle"
Episode 7—"Currents": "Beacon"
Episode 8—"Visionary": "Distillation"

Now I’m sure these have been analyzed a thousand times already but I have been out of the loop (on account of hangovers and deadlines) so I’m not really sure what theories the fandom have come up with. I do know that Hecatolite is another name for moonstone and that Oak has connections to Celtic law. Also this is the first time we have seen the title of Ep. 8: “Visionary”.

Right well, apparently you like it when I write open letters to the Teen Wolf cast because I have been inundated with requests for me to write to certain cast members. It’s probably only practical to do one a week so you can keep asking but you’ll just have to wait your turn okay? Good. Considering this week is all about the magnificent Lydia Martin I thought it’s only fitting that this letter be addressed to the lovely Holland Roden.

Dear Holland,

You’re tiny. Like really tiny (shorter than me even). I don’t mean to sound so surprised it’s just that I had no idea you were so tiny because you just exude so much confidence that you don’t seem small. Seriously I thought you could take down Hoechlin with your pinky finger… although you could probably still do that it would just be all the more impressive now that I know how tiny you are. 

Sorry, that was kind of inappropriate, but this is really a testament to your awesomeness. I am doing the whole nervous babbling thing while writing a fake letter that you are probably never going to see. Unless my readers hate me so much that they decide to send this to you in which case I am sorry and please do not go to my Tumblr… ever. It is a dark place unworthy of a wonderful woman such as you. Right well I think you get the point, I think you’re amazing, so I’ll just stop now.

Love your fan,

P.S. Thanks for being a big part of why Lydia is my favourite character!

Speaking of Lydia it’s Magnificent Martin Week on Tumblr this week, which means we are celebrating all things Lydia Martin. So let’s talk about why Lydia is my favourite Teen Wolf character shall we. Where do I even start, Lydia is so amazing that it would be impossible to list everything that is awesome about her, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Lydia Martin appeared to be just your typical mean girl and in most teen shows she would have been used as a comparison to Allison (the nice girl is perfect because she is everything the mean girl is not). Then she solved a complicated mathematical equation while ripping Scott a new one without even breaking a sweat and I was in love.

Lydia Martin is truly something spectacular. She can bowl with perfect form and she has a boyfriend so far under the thumb that she gets to pick the movie every time. She acts dumb because she is very aware of societies shortcomings and while I’m pretty sure she will fight them when she can she is not afraid of using them to her advantage. She befriended Allison on her first day and while their relationship is not perfect they actually end up being a decent depiction of female friendship (until all the supernatural stuff gets in the way). Also she ice-skates like an Olympian and knows archaic Latin. Not to mention the fact that she can make a Molotov cocktail from memory under extreme pressure. Let’s face it, Lydia Martin is better than you.

Don’t let that fool you though, Lydia Martin is not perfect and that’s what makes her such a magnificent character. She is desperate for control (which is makes what happens to her so much worse) and she manipulates people to maintain it. Like that time she made out with Scott just to prove that she could. She loves Jackson, even though she knows that it’s stupid, even though he treats her like utter crap. She doesn’t fall for Stiles nice guy charm even though he might be the “smarter” choice. It’s her choice even if it’s the wrong one.

Lydia’s had a pretty terrible time in the first two seasons largely because she was kept out of the loop of all things supernatural. Now that Lydia’s in on the werewolf world I am super excited to see just how magnificent she can be especially in her new friendship with Stiles. The Stiles and Lydia Supernatural Detective Agency (with back up from vigilante hunter Allison) is all I want from Season 3.

All right guys – are you excited for Season 3? Of course you are but in case you need a little more persuasion here’s this week’s MTV Remote Control Blog spoiler… it’s a pic from the final day of shooting featuring a wolfed out Derek and human looking Alpha twins. Speculate away!

I am so excited but I don’t think anyone is quite as excited as Posey if this gif is anything to go by:

I would say something about Posey-butt except the Teen Wolf Tumblr shamed us by comparing us to creepy Kate Argent. It kind puts a damper on the objectification… it’s a nice butt though.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Talking Teen Wolf. See you next time!