Thursday, May 23, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: I have lost the ability to title… blame the Teen Wolf trailer

So the trailer happened, and trust me I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has taken me this long to get to the point where I am capable of structuring sentences. I’m not over it, I’m not sure that I’ll ever be over it – but I don’t have to worry about it for too long because I’m probably not going to survive the Teen Wolf premiere. You guys will avenge my death right? Who am I kidding you’re all going to die along with me. Until then let’s talk about Teen Wolf.  

Okay so without a doubt the biggest news of the week was the release of the trailer but I’ll get to that in a minute let’s get the other stuff out of the way first.

Bits and pieces:
  • Before we got the full trailer the Teen Wolf Publicity Department (TWPD) gave us a 30 second teaser. Check it out here. We also experienced just how much the Teen Wolf fandom has grown – we managed to trend #TeenWolfTrailer in a manor of minutes rather than the anticipated hours.
  • The Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD has been released – complete with gag reel, episode commentary, BTS footage and of course the obligatory shirtless montage (they just get me). You’re all going to go buy it now right?
  • There are some new promo images from The Internship, they show Dylan O’Brien doing something I have fantasized about on numerous occasions. That’s right he’s playing Quidditch.
  • Le Noir Auteur (aka Terence Johnson) posted a Brief Synopsis for the First Two Episodes and Some Theories Debunked. The basics include: Ep 1 is about Derek and Isaac trying to find Erica and Boyd (pack feels) and in Ep. 2 a childhood friend of Stiles’ goes missing (Heather). Other things: Cora is probably not Peter’s daughter but she is important and the first two eps are Gerard free (read the rest here).
  • There were also a few spoilers from toofab including a new Argent abode, killer birds, someone’s getting kidnapped and Hoechlin’s shirt is coming off (maybe in the company of a lady friend).
  • Terrible news for UK Teen Wolf fans Sky Living has dropped the program and has announced that it has “no further commitment to new and future seasons of the show” (x). UK fans now would be a good time to start letting your favourite networks know just how much you want to see this show.
  • The Teen Wolf Tumblr reblogged the Doctor Who Tumblr and my inner fangirl had to go have a lie down for a while.
  • The TWPD posted a picture of the ever-lovely Holland Roden taking on a different role…

Girl's got skills. 
Dylan O’Brien is a movie star… again. Apparently he’s in talks to start in DreamWorks’ Glimmer a sci-fi thriller about a group of teenagers that discover a portal to the past. They wanted him so bad that moved the shoot to accommodate Dylan’s Teen Wolf schedule (I know that feel) – Glimmer will start production in January.

This news is hardly shocking, Teen Wolf fans have been aware of Dylan’s talent since the pilot aired but we had been hoping to hold onto him a little bit longer. Unfortunately this looks like the beginning of the end for everyone’s favourite human sidekick. We know that Dylan is in the second half of Season 3 but beyond that it really all depends on how deep his loyalties lie. Really though I wouldn’t blame the kid if he chose to move on to other projects but I’m not sure Teen Wolf can survive Stiles departure. 

In case Dylan is randomly searching the blogosphere to figure out what he should do about his career dilemma I have prepared an open letter on the topic.

Dear Dylan,

We need to talk bro. I can call you bro right? We’re at that point in our imaginary non-existent one-sided mostly platonic friendship right? I’m going to take your silence as a yes. Okay well bro, we need to talk. You are insanely talented. Sometimes I watch you and I’m like there’s no way this kid is even possible. Yet there you are breathing life into one of the greatest television characters ever. I’m not trying to boost your ego; I’m just stating facts.

I totally understand why everyone wants you in their movie. If they didn’t want you I would question their credentials. I respect that you don’t owe us anything and I get that you have to think about your career (big budget movies certainly look better on your resume than a MTV show about teenage werewolves). It’s just that I really love – we really love – Stiles and we’re not ready to let him go just yet.

So, bro, if you could just think about maybe doing another season I would really appreciate it. I promise to pay to see every single movie you star in, even the bad ones – all I ask in return is Teen Wolf Season 4.

Love your friend and part time superhero,


P.S. When you win your Oscar you better thank us dammit! We loved you before it was cool (yeah I’m that wanker what of it).

How was that? Convincing enough. Let’s hope so because I think Teen Wolf Season 4 could be awesome.

Before we discuss the heartbreaking and heart attack inducing trailer let’s talk about the other vids that were released this week.  The first is a better version of the footage shown at Wondercon. The sneak peak shows Derek and Cora (Adelaide Kane) attacked in Derek’s loft by Alpha’s Kali and Ennis. You can watch the full scene here.

Speaking of Derek’s loft the other vid released this week was a guided tour of our Alpha’s new digs and it’s certainly a step up from what he’s used to. I guess that’s not hard considering what he’s used to is the burnt out remains of his family home and some abandoned train carriages. Pretty much anything is a step up from there. But it’s nice to see that he has some actual furniture (including a bed which is apparently going to get some action this season).

Derek Hale's actual bed! 
While it’s nice to see that Derek Hale has furniture the best part of this vid is Tyler Hoechlin. The fact that Hoechlin and Derek are the same person is something my poor little brain just can’t comprehend. Hoechlin’s so smiley and is quite possibly the sweetest person that ever existed… Derek is well, Derek. Hoechlin’s just standing there chatting to the camera with his shoulder all torn up like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Then when he starts talking about what he would add to Derek’s abode to make it more homey it’s just too much (Hoechlin sweetie you’re old enough to drink – it’s not a bad thing for you to want a bar in your imaginary loft… you’re probably just worried about the calories though).

Right well I guess I can’t put it off any longer; let’s talk about the Teen Wolf trailer and how it broke my soul. Because that is what happened. It was 1am for me when it was released and I figured I’d stay up, watch it then head to bed. That was the plan it didn’t really work out that well because after I watched it all I was capable of was intense hatred focused on MTV for pumping my body so full of adrenaline that I was never going to sleep again.

To be honest, I’m not really sure where to begin. How about the fact that considering the shooting schedule that trailer was probably made up of footage from only the first six eps. Add to that the fact that we know that the Alpha’s can manipulate memories and suddenly I don’t know what to believe. It’s also important to remember that they chose to show us these things for a reason – while they cannot lie to us (all that footage definitely came from Season 3) they will intentionally mislead us.

Most of what we saw was stuff we already knew – like the fact that Lydia is getting down with Alpha Twin Aiden, Derek’s getting a new lady friend and Stiles get’s a visit (and a kiss) from an old girl-friend… who is probably going to die or turn out to be a fake memory planted by the Alpha’s. Some things worth noting include: Deucalion appears to be blind, Lydia’s got bloody hands, the murders don’t appear to be werewolf killings, Allison’s getting close to Isaac, we might have seen Mama McCall get her throat slashed (I refuse to accept this until I see the body) and apparently Scott’s an alpha now.

You can read my review of the trailer here and here’s a frame-by-frame breakdown… the rest is up to you. You’re guess is a good as mine lonely reader but I am to broken to speculate anymore. I am just going to wait but feel free to tell me your thoughts and theories in the comments.

I want to leave things on a happier note so here’s a picture of Colton Haynes and Tyler Hoechlin wet in New York.

Have I mentioned that I fucking love this cast? Who needs imagination when we have Colton Haynes twitter! On that note, I’m off… Next week will be the last Talking Teen Wolf before we all experience death by Season 3 after that I’ll be blogging from the grave, let’s hope hell has a decent wifi connection.