Thursday, May 16, 2013

Talking Teen Wolf: It’s always tease, tease, tease!

All this week, the Teen Wolf team has bombarded us with tiny teaser clips and it’s almost too much (I never thought I’d say this but I’m over the foreplay let’s move onto the main event already) – well it would be if we didn’t have the promise of a proper trailer on Monday! Yes that’s right on Monday we will be getting our first significant glimpse at Season 3 better break out the leather now. And if you’re not dying of anticipation yet then the fact that a lucky few were sent screeners of the first ep this week should wet your… appetite.

There have been so many small frustrating teasers in the last week I don’t even know where to begin. Where I last left off we had just received the Carver twin nosebleed (or black goo) vid. Since then we’ve seen multi coloured eyes, a hooded stranger, Isaac’s ice bath, a woman in a body bag and Lydia screaming, Scott’s philosophizing, Derek getting stabbed, and some scarily panicked betas. Put them all together and that’s almost a whole trailer right there. Yet it tells us nothing except that the tagline is not a strong enough warning for what’s going to happen to us come 3rd June.

I’m not going to go through every vid because it would take all week and I only have about half an hour to write this. If you want a decent low-down on the vids and pics we’ve received so far check this Hypable article. Then you can work the rest out for yourselves (personally I am just going to spend the next two weeks writing my will because I am not going to survive this… I cried watching a 15 second teaser, that’s not heathly).

Here are a couple of things to think about:
  • We’ve seen Isaac’s ice bath before – in the welcome to Season 3 BTS vid. It looks as though Derek, Scott and Stiles are also present in that scene.
  • We’ve also seen Derek getting stabbed – in the Wondercon preview (I mentioned about it in the first Talking Teen Wolf).
  • In the Lydia vid Stiles voiceover says: “They’re gonna find her, strangled, throat slashed, head bashed in.” (And then I cried actual real life tears!)
  • In Derek’s vid a voiceover says: “Something’s coming. Something bad.” The fandom seems to think it’s Stiles voice but that could be wishful thinking.

Well that should be enough to keep you going until Monday… then again I might not be back next week if the trailer kills me, which is a distinct possibility. Because when Teen Wolf says “This Might Hurt” what they really mean is of course it’s going to fucking hurt here let me pour this lemon juice all over the paper cuts covering your body. I wasn’t lying about the crying by the way – I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to calm down.

Personally I’m a fan of ignoring things until they just go away so let’s move on and talk about what else has been happening… They had the wrap party, which is nice but I think someone confiscated their phones because there were not nearly enough drunk tweets (wrap parties are the best for drunk tweets). Also it’s not even a proper wrap party – it’s a halfway party. There are still twelve more episodes to make so get back to work dammit!


Other bits and pieces:
  • Max Carver is definitely the more aggressive Alpha Twin (x).
  • Keahu Kahuanui left his heart in Hawaii (x).
  • According to Tyler Posey there are two different types of Alphas (x).
  • There was a segment on Teen Wolf in July’s UK SFX (x).
  • Teen Wolf cast members were spotted at Wango Tango over the weekend (x).
  • Linden Ashby was interviewed for Digital Journal (x).
  • There were a few new hints on the Alpha Twins from (x).
  • Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast made an ep dedicated to shipping (x).


So how are you guys preparing for the premiere? Posey thinks you should go buy Season 1 and 2 on iTunes! How can you say no to Posey? He’s adorable.

Once you’ve purchased the first two seasons you can join The Sterek Campaign’s epic Teen Wolf re-watch the weekend before Season 3 begins. Starting at 10pm EST Teen Wolf fans from all over the globe will be sitting down to watch all 24 episodes of Teen Wolf back to back. They encourage anyone that can to watch the series on MTV (that way they know how much we love them) but they’re also streaming it on Ustream for those of us outside the US.

I’ve been a avoiding talking about it (because it hurts) but some very lucky people have already seen the first episode of Teen Wolf Season 3. I’m all in with you guys on this one, so I’m waiting for 3rd June, that way we can all die together as a pack should, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted. Andy Swift live tweeted his viewing (you can read his tweets here). But basically: slow motion stripping Alpha Twins, sassy Derek and Hoechlin eyebrows. I’m dead already, it’s a good thing hell has wifi.

Also this is what EW said:
“I, indeed, have the first episode in my grasp. What I can tell you? Lydia is cured!…of the heartache caused by the departure of Jackson. Well, rather, she’s getting there. How? Lots of ***! Elsewhere, despite Scott and Allison’s desire to ignore each other at every cost, they do have an encounter early on in the episode. Call it fate — or a deer.” (x)

It’s not much but it’s enough to almost kill me with excitement, I really honestly don’t know what kind of state I am going to be in after the trailer on Monday. Remember when my life didn’t revolve around an MTV show about teenage werewolves… yeah me neither.  

Right well – I do love it when you guys send me requests (and not just because it means that I don’t have to think of what to write) but one of you keeps asking me to write an open letter to Jeff Davis. I’m sorry lonely reader, I can’t do that on account of I already did. Then he deleted his Twitter. Now I’m not suggesting the two events are connected but it’s a bit too much of a coincidence to risk doing it again... but I figured it couldn’t hurt to write a vague letter to the overarching mystical identity that is Teen Wolf as a whole.

Dear Teen Wolf, 
You have ruined my life! No well okay that’s a little harsh, it’s not like I was a fully functional adult before you came along but you made everything worse. Because you are way better than you should have been. You were supposed to be a cheap Twilight knock-off. I wasn’t supposed to care this much! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A GUILTY PLEASURE GOD DAMN IT! But then you weren’t, you were awesome and you made my cold damaged heart feel again. 
I didn’t even want to watch you to start with, but I was hung over and your cast is so incredibly pretty. I was weak, dammit. I really like to look at pretty things but when I actually care about the characters it puts a damper on my objectification. You knew this would happen didn’t you? You did it on purpose! I hate you! 
Anyway I know you’re not a physical being (you’re more of an idea) but it would be cool if we could be friends. Yes I said I hate you, but what’s a little name calling between lovers friends. I am totally willing to put the fact that you ruined my life behind me if we could hang out sometimes. Say Monday nights? You bring the pain – I’ll bring the tears! Be there or not, that’s cool, whatever’s good for you. 
Yours with everlasting love and affection (until you do something I don’t agree with and then I will rain hell on your existence), 
P.S. Thanks for the Locker Room. 
P.P.S. I will accept a gift of Keahu Kahuanui for positive reviews.
How was that? Did that satisfy you lonely reader? Remember to keep sending requests if you want something specific but I reserve the right to ignore you because I’m kind of a bitch like that.


Well guys this is it, next time we chat we will have a trailer to talk about… my body is so not ready.