Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments from Season 1

Right so I have finally completed my recaps of Teen Wolf Season 1 and I will be moving onto Season 2 tomorrow but I’m just not quite ready to let go just yet. As a way of wrapping things up and also remembering everything that made the debut Season so memorable I have compiled a list of my Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments from Season 1.

Disclaimer: you guys should know this by now but I still need to say, this is personal opinion (as is everything on this blog) so you can disagree all you want but my word is god here.

10: Scott tells Jackson everything
Wolf Moon” (101)

Most people cite Stiles entrance as the moment they fell in love with show, but for me it was this little moment between Scott and Jackson. Don’t get me wrong, Stiles is still one of the main reasons I kept watching but this was the moment I knew Teen Wolf was something special.

Jackson is set up from the begging as one of the main antagonists, it was only a matter of time before he confronted Scott. What I didn’t expect was for Scott to spill the beans. Seriously, Jackson asks him what’s going on (after the infamous “juice” dialogue) and Scott tells him everything. Of course he doesn’t know he’s a werewolf yet but it’s still pretty awesome, especially because Jackson dismisses everything Scott says because he doesn’t believe it. My favorite part of this interaction is that after he reveals all Scott actually looks like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.  

9: Lydia makes a firebomb
Night School” (107)

There had already been hints that there was more to Lydia than met the eye but this was the moment when I knew Lydia was a forced to be reckoned with. Watching her solving a complicated mathematical equation in front of Scott was cool and when she showed off her bowling skills I was pretty much smitten but making a self-igniting Molotov cocktail is a whole new level of awesome.

Can we just appreciate that for a moment? This is a sixteen-year-old girl that can make a self-igniting Molotov cocktail from memory under extreme pressure (I think being trapped in a school and hunted by an unknown monster counts as pressure). Now that’s someone you want on your team (urgh if Lydia had known about werewolves all along things would have worked out very differently). Lydia Martin is better than everyone, no doubt about it.

8: Stiles is relieved to find the Sheriff alive after the full moon
Lunatic” (108)

This is turning point for Stiles, up until this moment he’s basically the comic relief. Sure there have been a few hints at a darker past (mentions of panic attacks after his mothers death) but this is when we realize that Stiles sarcastic demeanor hides a terrified little boy. There is no doubt what scares Stiles the most, that’s losing his father. 

Stiles is driving like a madman (a lunatic you might say) and you think he’s looking for Scott – he’s doing that as well of course – but what he’s really worried about is his dad. The look on his face as he pushes his way through the crowd of officers calling for his dad is utterly heartbreaking (my eyes were watering, no lie). Then he clasps onto his dad, as though he thought he’d never see him again and that’s it I’m gone. I died, cause of death Stilinski family feels. 

7: Allison steals a condom
Magic Bullet” (104)

The female characters on this show are far from perfect, but the reason I love them so much is because they just constantly defy my expectations. “Magic Bullet” is one of my favourite episodes, and it’s chock full of awesome moments including Derek demanding Stiles saw of his arm and the most awkward family dinner ever but this moment still stands out.

For starters, you have teenager openly acknowledging save sex… and even better than that, it’s a girl (a girl that wants sex). The look on everyone’s face when Allison pulls out that condom is priceless. Kate looks like it’s the funniest thing she’s ever experienced, Chris looks like he doesn’t know who to shoot first, and Scott looks very confused until he realizes that it means he’s going to get laid. Perfect.

6: Scott and Lydia make out
Lunatic” (108)

Scott’s the good guy, he makes mistakes sometimes but he doesn’t do anything deliberately cruel except for when he’s under the lure of the full moon. This moment makes the list because I honestly never thought we would see this side of Scott. This moment is so fantastic because it is probably the worst thing both of them could have done.

Scott might have an excuse but Lydia doesn’t. She just does it to prove that she can, which says a lot about her character (at least she feels bad about it). It’s worse though, because not only does Lydia have a boyfriend but also Scott was supposed to asking her about Stiles. Poor Stiles just wants to know for sure that he doesn’t have a chance with Lydia and it proves that Scott gets everything Stiles can’t have. Plus it has so much potential to cause drama for seasons to come.

5: Stiles stands up to Chris Argent
Code Breaker” (112)

Stiles has a lot of great moments – let’s face it pretty much every Stiles moment is fantastic – but this is without a doubt his crowning moment of awesome. He’s had a hard time, Lydia was attacked, Peter kidnapped him and now his best friend’s missing but he still manages to find enough courage to stand up to a badass hunter.

This is moment Stiles figures it out, the mystery he’s been trying to solve since episode one. He knows who started the Hale fire and now that he knows that he’s not scared of Chris Argent (even though he probably should be) because Stiles is scared when he doesn’t have all the facts but now he does. The way he throws Chris’s taunts back in his face is brilliant, he’s so callus but so sure of himself and I just want to yell at him – don’t taunt the man with a gun!

4: Kate tortures Derek
Formality” (111)

Derek’s the one in control. Heck for the first couple of episode we’re supposed to think he could be the villain but by this episode we know that Derek really isn’t in control of anything at all. He’s pretty hopeless really and nothing brings that out more than when he’s forced to interact with Kate Argent.

Okay so on a purely superficial level: Derek shirtless and tied up has fuelled many fantasies but that’s not even why this moment makes the list. Besides watching Kate argent alternatively torture and molest Derek’s body makes objectification difficult. When Kate reveals that she and Derek had a sexual relationship before the fire it just makes everything that much creepier. This scene is difficult to watch but that’s what makes it great, it’s almost too much for a silly little MTV show about werewolves.

3: Allison’s speeding ticket breakdown
Formality” (111)

When I first watched Season 1, I wasn’t sure how Allison was going to react to the whole werewolves are real situation. Traditionally the female love interest is usually relegated to the role of ‘heart’. She’s the only one that’s able to see them as more than monsters but Allison doesn’t fit that role and I was worried they would force it onto her.

Allison is terrified of being weak and she see’s everything girly as weak, including those pesky emotions, but I mean really who wouldn’t cry if their aunt just took them into a torture dungeon to reveal that werewolves are real. Watching her break down and yell at the Sheriff to give her a ticket because getting out a ticket by crying is just another example of everything Allison doesn’t want to be. Just everything about this scene is perfect! 

2: Stiles bribes Danny with a shirtless Derek
Wolf’s Bane” (109)

This is pretty much everyone’s favourite scene and there’s a reason for that. It’s got Danny, some awesome Sterek interaction and shirtless Hoechlin; I mean what’s not to love? But seriously, the fact that an (assumedly) straight guy uses his body to manipulate another guy is amazing! I still can’t get over the fact that that is a thing that happened on a show for teenagers.

Politics aside this moment is hilariously funny and it showcases Dylan and Hoechlin at their best, and it’s not even entirely gratuitous because it gets them to an important plot point (finding out that Peter is the Alpha). There are so many fantastic things about this moment, from Stiles attempted flirting to Danny’s moral dilemma but the best part for me has to be Derek’s performance of the angriest strip tease ever.

1: The Final Battle
Code Breaker” (112)

I’m a sucker for a group effort win. I can’t help it. Nothing fills my bones with that wonderful euphoria than when all my favourite characters have to team up to defeat the bad guy and this moment does it all right. Stiles gets to be heroic but of course it doesn’t work like he planned it, Scott trusts Allison to help even after everything that happened and Jackson is totally standing in the background and hedging his bets until he works out which side is going to win. Even Lydia gets in on the action in a way, she’s the one that taught them to make a firebomb.

Come on, watching this rag tag bunch of misfits finally work together and then actually achieve what they set out to do gives me all kind of Scooby gang feels. Sure they’re thrown apart again in Season 2 but for one marvelous moment they were a team and it was magnificent!

So how’d I go? Did your favourite moment make the list? Did I get it completely wrong?

I should tell you this was super hard (I originally had about 30 moments on the list) but I think I did all right. And unfortunately that’s the end of Season 1, but that does mean I get to move on to Season 2… expect the first recap tomorrow!